Our Process

Our Process

What to expect after purchasing your new home.

After signing the contract on your new home, make sure you contact your lender and provide all the needed documentation. David Patterson Homes has preferred lenders to help you with the financing of your new home.

Approximately one week after signing the contract, you will receive an email from the David Patterson Homes design studio. At this time, the design consultant will schedule a design studio appointment and share information with you so you can prepare for you visit to the design studio. Making selections for your home is an exciting time and we are here to guide you through the process.

Once your new home has completed the framing stage, the on-site construction manager will contact you with bi-weekly updates about the construction of your home. This is to keep you informed of the construction of your home and provide you with the opportunity to ask questions.

After framing, electrical, plumbing and door/window installation, the on-site construction manager will schedule a walk-through of your home so he can review all the items with the you before drywall is installed.

Construction of your home will continue and once finished a homeowner orientation walk-through will be scheduled approximately one week prior to the home closing date. At the homeowner walk through, an employee from David Patterson Homes will escort you through your new home and explain how to use appliances, HVAC, fireplace, sprinkler system, etc. At this time all parties will discuss items that may still need to be fixed, completed, and touched up prior to the home closing.

Also, during this last week before the home closes the Lender will review closing documents with you and arrange for wiring of funds due at the closing.

The morning of the home closing the construction manager will walk through the homes with you to review the items that have been completed in the home during the prior week.

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